3 Ways Your Business Benefits From a Document Destruction Service

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Your business is one of your most important assets, which is why you make sure that if you invest in a service or product to improve how your business works, you make sure you’ll see a return on that investment. The idea of a specialty shredding service might seem unnecessary at first glance. After all, your trash collection is secure enough already, and if something really requires an extra touch, you just feed it through your office shredder, right? This kind of thinking is understandable, but it’s also risky.

Document destruction services aren’t a novelty program – they can be a valuable asset for your business, improving everything from your financial expenses to your legal compliance. They can even improve how your customers see you, and can, therefore, elevate the perceived value of your services. Today, we’re going to explore the three main ways that a document shredding service can improve the way you work, no matter what industry you’re in.

Guarantees Compliance With Privacy Legislation

If you work in an industry like financial services, healthcare, or government services, your business is likely subject to specific laws regarding the handling and protection of personally identifiable information (PII). This means that you and your employees are obligated to handle it in a particular way from the moment it comes into your possession to the moment it is discarded.

Keeping track of all the nuances of these laws can be overwhelming, and if you interpret something incorrectly or fail to stay abreast of the latest changes to the regulations, you might accidentally open yourself up to liability. Professional document destruction services are specially trained and certified in privacy legislation, which means you don’t need to worry about ensuring that papers are discarded properly. The destruction service will take care of that on your behalf.

At Gator Shredding, for example, we are both HIPAA and FACTA compliant, and we’ve gone the extra step to produce a smaller, more secure particle size than our competitors.

Increases Productivity at the Office

If your company goes through a large volume of documents on a regular basis, shredding each one according to legal standards with an in-house shredder isn’t effective or efficient. Most office shredders aren’t built to process papers as thoroughly as they really should be, and few are designed to handle more than a couple of sheets at a time. This means that instead of doing their regular work, your employees must stand and manually insert page after page – and the size of the shred might not be small enough to qualify for compliance.

That’s not accounting for the time and effort that must go into keeping confidential documents separate and secure, either. If a document contains PII, it should be kept safe until it’s able to be shredded. This means finding a safe spot, securing it, and making certain that each and every piece of paper with PII reaches that spot.

A document destruction service makes the entire process easy, for both you and your employees. We provide secure collection containers that can be placed around the office for natural use throughout the day. Once papers are deposited inside, they can’t be accessed again until our technician arrives and collects them for shredding. Our shredding machines can churn through over 5,000 pounds of paper every hour, which means that a several-hour job for your employees is only a half-hour task for us.

Demonstrates Environmental Commitment

According to an international survey, 80% of consumers have greater respect for a company that demonstrates a commitment to eco-friendly operations. The evidence is clear: people want to make greener choices, but they might not know how to do it. By using a document destruction service, you provide them with that opportunity.

Every scrap of paper that is processed through our industrial-grade shredding machine is responsibly recycled. Not only does this provide an additional measure of security for your information, but it’s also a marketable selling point. When your clients work with you, they’re now supporting a company that’s dedicated to reducing their impact on the environment while also making sure that their information remains 100% confidential, even after it’s discarded.

Of course, the implications for the environment are fantastic, too. 2,000 pounds of recycled paper can save 17 trees, two barrels of oil, and 7,000 gallons of water.

Ready to Shred?

If you’re ready to make the change to smarter record management, Gator Shredding is ready to help. We have a variety of shredding programs, ranging from scheduled shredding to one-time service, designed to suit your schedule and your requirements.

For more information on our document destruction services in West Virginia and Ohio, please give us a call at (304) 488-8627. You can also contact us directly online.