On-Going Shredding

On-Going Shredding Service

Gator Shredding offers scheduled shredding services for our business customers. Containers are filled with documents to be shredded and then locked prior to leaving the building. All shredding is completed at your business’ location and we welcome our customers to witness the destruction of their documents. Certificate of Destruction is provided.

Scheduled Shredding Service

If you need to destroy files and paper documents regularly, Gator Shredding offers scheduled shredding services to fit your needs. These services are beneficial for business owners, healthcare providers, hospitals, law offices, plants and any organization that requires document destruction on a regular basis.

Contact Gator Shredding and our helpful staff will answer all of your questions, help you determine which scheduled shredding service meets your needs and provide you with a reasonable quote.

Locked Security Containers

We will provide you with our locking shredding containers and place them at a convenient location in your office for your documents to be discarded and stored until we come to shred them. We offer many types and sizes of containers that will accommodate your needs. We provide our secure containers free of charge for our scheduled shredding customers.


Shredding Schedule

A consistent shredding schedule will be more effective. We suggest that you choose weekly, biweekly, monthly or quarterly services. Your scheduled paper shredding service can be adjusted at any time to meet your needs.

On your scheduled shredding day, our friendly, trained shredding technician will come to your office location and empty the locked containers into our shredding bin. The bin is then locked and brought to our shred truck where your documents are destroyed at your location. You are invited to witness the destruction of your documents.

Getting Started

Order your service. Just give us a call and we will walk you through the entire shredding process including pricing and scheduling of your document destruction service.

Gator Shredding is ready to help you with your scheduled shredding services. Give us a call today!


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We are committed to protecting the environment

All shredded material is taken to our secure facility where it is baled and sent to the paper mill to be recycled into items such as paper towels, toilet paper and/or napkins. Recycling paper saves trees, conserves water and reduces the amount of waste going to landfills.

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Gator Shredding Truck
Gator Shredding Truck
Gator Shredding Truck
Gator Shredding Truck