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Product Destruction

When it comes to protecting your brand and reputation, it is vital that the product disposal services you use, follow a very strict and secure process. Gator Shredding offers product destruction in West Virginia or in the Mid-Ohio Valley and surrounding areas that guarantees your protection every single step of the way. Schedule your product destruction appointment today!

Product Destruction

Gator Shredding Inc. can provide product destruction services to safely dispose of unwanted products that you and your business cannot return to the marketplace. Whether the products are defective, damaged, recalled, expired, or discontinued, Gator Shredding will make sure that your items are thoroughly and completely destroyed.

Depending on the types of products that you have, we will use a variety of destruction methods to fit your specific needs. We will quickly dispose of high volumes of products and provide a Certificate of Destruction upon completion for your records.

Product Destructions is available at your convenience and we ensure that what you want to destroy will remain out of circulation.

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How Important is Product Destruction?

Product destruction protects your brand in several ways. Whether you are facing a product recall, patent infringement issues, or an overstock of unwanted products; our product destruction services will help you safely dispose of your items and at a cost that is affordable.

Protect Brand Standards

Defective, recalled, or outdated products can hold your business back, especially if those items are starting to pile up. Product destruction gives you control over your unwanted product inventory which can mitigate your losses and protect your brand standards.

Eliminate Liability

When defective items are resold and used unsafely, your company is at risk! Eliminate your liability by disposing of defective items that could lead to safety hazards or litigation.

Security & Compliance

Gator Shredding Inc. safely destroys products that are guaranteed to meet or exceed industry mandates. We carefully track the chain of custody, quickly dispose of your items, and provide a Certificate of Destruction upon completion for your peace of mind.

Our Product Destruction Services Include:

  • Off specification products
  • Defective or recalled products
  • Electronic equipment and Electronic records
  • Unwanted promotional merchandise
  • Past dated inventory
  • Obsolete inventory
  • Damaged or defective goods
  • Product packaging for recycling or destruction
  • Brand apparel
  • Factory overruns
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Retail products
  • Electronics


Gator Shredding Inc. is your solution for product destruction!

Gator Shredding Inc. provides a safe, secure, and an easy alternative for your product disposal needs and our service guarantees all of your unwanted materials remain irrecoverable and unusable. You can have peace of mind in knowing that our entire product destruction process meets all confidentiality and security requirements as outlined under state and federal destruction laws. Allow Gator Shredding to provide you with the necessary product destruction services, so you don’t have to stress about it.

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Schedule your next product destruction service for your business. We offer services throughout West Virginia or in the Mid-Ohio Valley and surrounding areas. Call: (304) 488-8627 today!

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