Mark Your Calendar! Drop-Off Shred Days – May 1st & 2nd

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be hosting two drop-off shredding days. On May 1st and 2nd, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Gator Shredding will be hosting Shred Days at our West Virginia facility. We’ll be standing by to accept papers, documents, and other records for immediate shredding. No appointment is necessary.

How to Join

Compile your papers in a banker’s box or similar container and bring them to our West Virginia facility at 1013 Kemper St in Parkersburg. A member of our team will greet you and direct you as to where to proceed.

If you regularly go through a large number of documents and you’d like to make sure they’re kept safe until shredding day, ask our team about our secure collection containers.

1013 Kemper St.
Parkersburg, West Virginia

May 1st & May 2nd
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Drop-Off Shred Days: What You Need to Know

No matter whether you’ve been working from home or at a slightly-emptier-than-normal office, you’ve probably still been producing a good amount of paperwork. You’ve also probably been receiving plenty of mail that contains personal or professional details. These are items that shouldn’t be chucked in the trash as usual, so if you’ve got papers to get rid of, bring them to Gator Shredding!

Drop-off shredding is what it sounds like: we invite you to bring your items for shredding to our facility, where you can drop them off for secure, confidential shredding and recycling. You’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction for your records, verifying that your documents were destroyed by a certified and accredited shredding provider, and you’ll be able to return to a cleaner, less-cluttered workspace.

To prepare your items for shredding, we ask that you remove papers from any binders that they may be held in. You don’t need to worry about staples, rubber bands, or paper clips though – our shredding machines can make short work of those items, and we’ll sort out the different materials after the shredding is complete. Gather your papers together in a container (we usually recommend a bankers box or something similar), and drop them off with us!

Why is Shredding a Good Idea?

Protecting your personal information at any point in time is a good idea, but especially so in our current environment. An ounce of shredding prevention is well worth the time and money required to reclaim your identity or your financial accounts after they’ve been compromised.

If you’re working for or running your business from home, the need to protect your clients’ information still applies, even if you don’t have access to your usual resources. Drop-off shredding is a convenient way to make sure that your documents still receive the professional attention they require while working around your current schedule.

Shredding has the added benefit of being a smart move for the environment, too. Instead of contributing to buildup in our landfills, your shredded documents will be safely and securely recycled into new paper products.

What Do We Accept?

  • Old Tax Records
  • Receipts
  • Junk Mail Containing Personal Information
  • Financial Records
  • Academic Records or Reports
  • Bank Statements
  • Items Containing Signatures
  • Old Credit Card Bills or Statements
  • Old Pay Stubs or Paychecks
  • Credit Reports
  • Expired Identification
  • Other Papers Containing Personal Information

What Kind of Personal Information Should I Shred?

Talented identity thieves only require a few pieces of personal information to worm their way into your accounts – even just a name and address are enough to give them a head start. When we recommend shredding “anything containing personal information,” we mean shredding literally anything with personal or private details. This can mean birthday cards, credit card solicitations, household notes, and much more. If you’re not sure whether something needs to be shredded or not, err on the side of caution and include it in your shredding pile.

Keeping Everyone Safe

To help protect the health of our staff and customers, we will be enforcing strict safety measures during our Shred Days. No one will be permitted inside our facility, and we will be assisting our customers in the practice of social distancing. Our goal is to make sure that you have access to the services you require while making sure that you remain safe and healthy. We thank all our customers for their assistance in making this possible.

For more information on our drop-off shredding, pricing options, or location, call our West Virginia office at (304) 488-8627. You can also send us a message online.

We’ll see you there!