Gator Shredding COVID-19 Update

As everyone is aware, this is an unprecedented time for our country. Gator Shredding Inc. is an important provider to essential business’ in Ohio and West Virginia, in particular several hospitals, banks, doctors offices and essential manufacturing facilities.  Our shredded paper is sent to paper mills and it is then turned into much needed paper supplies such as toilet paper, masks and other much needed supplies.  WE REMAIN OPEN FOR BUSINESS.


Because of this, you can continue to count on us as a valued partner providing you with continued safe and secure service.  During this time, employee safety continues to be our highest priority.  Gator Shredding Inc. has been following CDC guidelines, including but not limited to regular cleaning and sanitization of trucks, bins, social distancing in the  office (which is minimally staffed) and with several employees working remotely from home.  In addition, we have implemented explicit policies, instruction, and training to minimize the need for interaction among clients’ employees and others, including our employees adhering to the following:


  1. Not reporting to work should they feel any symptoms, including but not limited to fever, difficult breathing, headaches or muscle aches.  
  2. Temperature Evaluation Upon Arrival to Work. 
  3. Wearing of Face Masks, and frequent sanitizing of hands either by washing or hand sanitizer. 
  4. Washing of all equipment that is used to service clients. 
  5. Maintaining a safe distance between customers and eliminating or minimizing the need to exchange paperwork or writing instruments during service. 
  6. Maintaining all existing policies related to data security, including authorized access to records and media already transferred to employees’ custody.
Additionally, we may ask our clients to modify or change their services for minimal driver/customer interaction – only if you are contacted by one of our employees either by phone or via email.  For example, this could be dockside pick up or meeting the driver outside or in the lobby. At this time, we will also not be collecting signatures from our clients. During this time, we will not be allowing visitors at our plant facility and our Saturday Morning Shred Days have been rescheduled to designated Friday’s from 9 a.m to 10:30 a.m.  You can either call us at (304) 488-8627 or watch our page on Facebook for the Friday dates.
We know that many of our clients are working remotely from home during this time.  Working remotely from home still imposes the same compliance measures as working in a business office when it comes to any confidential information regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic that we are all experiencing. Telecommuting and reduced staffing have the potential to put data security at risk and increase the potential for fraud and targeted email phishing.  We urge all clients and employees to ensure the protection of regulated information is not put at risk during this time.
Clients should consider providing instructions and the means for remote employees to safeguard any information required to be retained, as well as the instructions and means for remote employees to properly destroy discarded information.  During this time, the rate of business may well slow; it may offer an opportunity to remove unnecessary, obsolete records and electronic equipment from the storage areas.  Such records and electronic equipment are known to pose a recognized risk to data security.
In an effort to continue to protect the safety and security of our clients, Gator Shredding Inc. is offering residential mobile shredding for remote employees.  We can provide bins or shred bags to our customers to either be picked up at their location or the bags can be taken to the business office for pick up and shred.  All of this can be arranged through our office by calling (304) 488-8627.
Gator Shredding Inc. is committed to working closely with our clients during this difficult time.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need service or would like to set up service either for a business or residential pick up.