How To Make Your Workplace More Sustainable With Shredding

Sprout poking out of shredded paper

Businesses of all sizes are becoming more environmentally responsible. There are many ways to make your workplace more sustainable, from reducing energy consumption to recycling.

Implementing good sustainable practices to reduce the current impact does help, and they are naturally better than doing nothing. We have a few suggestions on what you can do towards some sustainable practices in the workplace.

Secure Shredding Services

One of the essential steps in sustainability is shredding sensitive documents. A shredding service can help you properly dispose of old files and protect your business from identity theft. Mobile shredding services are a convenient way to shred documents on-site, and this is an excellent option for businesses that generate large amounts of paper waste.

This way, you can shred documents on-site without transporting them to a separate location. Plus, using a mobile shredding service is more secure than doing it yourself since the shredding process is closely monitored.

All the paper scraps that shredding services collected throughout the process are brought to a secure facility to reprocess. The recycled materials from the bales are then delivered to nearby paper mills, where they can be used to create goods like paper towels, toilet paper, and napkins.

Document shredding adds a layer of security to your documents while preserving trees and water; it also lowers the amount of garbage dumped in landfills. There won’t be an opportunity for paper fragments to be recovered and rebuilt. Shredding services take the security of your information very seriously and are dedicated to doing it in a way that contributes to environmental protection.

Paper Shredding And Recycling Process

The shredding and recycling process begins with the collection of paper materials. Once collected, the paper is transported to a shredding facility where it is processed. The paper pieces are sorted and graded at the shredding facility according to their quality. The sorted and graded paper is then fed into the shredder, where it is shredded into small pieces. The paper pieces are then transported to a recycling facility and processed into new paper products. The entire process of shredding and recycling paper takes place in a highly controlled environment to ensure workers’ safety and the final product’s quality.

E-Cycle Your Office

E-cycling describes the ethical recycling of electronic items, including printers, smartphones, computers, charging cables, and sound systems.

Technology actively influences how we live and work in the twenty-first century. We have gadgets that can call someone on another continent, track our heartbeats, set the hue of our living room lamp, make coffee with a text, and remind us of a meeting in fifteen minutes. Despite how impressive these gadgets are, society disposes of them surprisingly fast, especially when a newer version or substitute is available.

The typical American replaces their electronics once every two to four years. So what happens to these outdated electronics? According to a 2016 UN estimate, 80% of e-waste was dumped in landfills. This is terrible for the environment, but it can become worse.

Electronics contain many different components. Some of these are gold and palladium, which can be recovered from recycled electronic waste and create new products.

Others, such as lead and mercury, must be removed since they are dangerous to both people and the environment. E-cycling lowers public health hazards while also conserving the planet’s limited resources.


Protect The Environment With Hard-Drive Destruction

Digital files can still be recovered even after being deleted when the electronic media is outdated. The only way to ensure they are lost is through physical destruction.

E-cycling is the ideal complement to your selected hard drive shredding service. Allow shredding services to handle the entire electronic device rather than just the hard disc. Any internal storage, including floppy discs and SD drives, will be taken out and destroyed after the rest of the device is safely and properly recycled.

If you’re looking for ways to make your workplace more sustainable, consider shredding sensitive documents with a trusted destruction service. Mobile shredding services are a great way to shred documents and hard drives on-site and can help you to recycle.

Contact Gator Shredding to arrange a shredding appointment, and our trained technicians will arrive to safely destroy your documents or hard drives and remove the pieces for recycling. We are committed to protecting the environment.