Keep These Monsters Away With Document Destruction

a man in a mask on a computer

As we get closer and closer to Halloween, we start indulging in fun, scary stories to get the season going. While these stories deal with ghosts and monsters, there are real-life monsters that might keep you awake at night. Perhaps it’s worrying about your finances, or maybe it’s stressing about regulation compliance. Maybe it’s declining space at the office, or years’ worth of old files that contain valuable, confidential information.

If one of these monsters sounds familiar to you, let’s boldly carry on, because the Monster-B-Gone for these particular fiends takes a recognizable form: on-site document destruction.

The Very Hungry Wallet

If you’re trying to do your document destruction on an in-house basis, you’re probably sensing the approach of The Very Hungry Wallet. It comes for you slowly, over months, as the expensive off-the-shelf shredder you bought constantly breaks, and as your employees have to spend hours of their time hunched over the shredder, feeding in sheet after sheet. The Hungry Wallet nibbles at you every time you have to pay for the gas to drop off the shredded material at a recycling facility, and you feel it at your side as you search for compliance training for your shredding staff, so they can safely handle confidential papers.

Don’t let the Wallet empty your pocket. A professional on-site document shredding service will handle everything from emptying your locking storage containers (which they’ll also provide) to cross-cutting your papers and securely transporting them to a verified recycling plant. You’ll save thousands of dollars and hours of employee time, keeping your wallet full for projects that benefit your business.

The Telltale Ticking Clock

Anyone who’s been stuck with a tedious task has heard the droning approach of The Telltale Ticking Clock. You sense it as you’re rifling through file after file, looking for the one piece of information you need…but can’t seem to find. It stalks you throughout the workday, as you painstakingly shred paper by paper in the company shredder. It strikes when the shredder breaks, and you must sacrifice several hours to fixing it (or else, pay a technician to do it for you).

On-site shredding gets rid of the Ticking Clock in a snap. A single mobile document destruction truck can process 5,000 pounds of paper in a single hour. That means that instead of losing days or weeks to your storage room, you can clear it out in a single afternoon. Say goodbye to lost hours and frustrating minutes; you’ll never be haunted by them again when your papers are securely shredded by a certified destruction company.

The Late-Night Worry Wagon

If you work in an industry that must adhere to specific privacy regulations, like finance, healthcare, or education, then you’ve probably already been visited by The Late-Night Worry Wagon. Its wheels begin their ominous creaking as soon as you lay your head down for the night. Has every piece of information been safely discarded? What if there’s a data breach? Suppose a thief rifles through the dumpster at the back of the building tonight – what papers would they be able to walk away with? What if you’re not meeting the compliance standards for your industry? You’re trapped, staring at the ceiling, the Worry Wagon spinning circles around your head.

With a professional on-site shredding company like Gator Shredding, you’ll never fret about the Worry Wagon again. Our process is HIPAA, IRS, and FACTA compliant, and with ongoing membership in the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID), we’re constantly updating our process to match the latest state and federal regulations. Every single piece of paper we process will adhere to the laws for the protection of personally identifiable information (PII), starting the second you place it into our care.

So sleep deeply. Send the Worry Wagon off on its way. We’ve got you covered.

Banish the Monsters With Document Destruction From Gator Shredding

The security of your information isn’t something we take lightly. We’ve all heard how a single chink in an information management strategy can create an opening for an expensive data breach or a case of stolen identity. On-site shredding allows you to personally watch as your documents are destroyed, and our registered shredding vehicles take the particles directly for recycling, eliminating any possibility that your information could be misplaced or stolen. We also offer e-cycling for the safe and environmentally responsible elimination of digital information. This October, it’s time to banish the monsters for good. Give Gator Shredding a call and discover what document management looks like with us on your side.

For more information on our on-site shredding and document destruction services, give us a call at (304) 488-8627. You can also contact us online.